Floor Stand Signs & A Boards

Built-To-Last for All Hazards - Low-Cost Floor Stands

The changing nature of hazards means that fixed floor signs are not always the ideal method of warning employees and visitors on your premises of hazards; this is where floor stands come in to their own. Easily portable, they can be quickly moved whenever the occasion requires it, and just as easily removed once the hazard has passed. With the health and safety of all on the premises a top priority for companies, these floor stands are a straightforward method of making sure that everyone is aware of the temporary hazard, giving them the opportunity to proceed with caution or avoid the hazard.
400mm x 300mm Stand £21.84 GBP £31.19 GBP
Wet floor stand £10.45 GBP £14.93 GBP
Work in progress stand £9.50 GBP £23.00 GBP
1050mm x 750mm Stand £31.35 GBP £44.79 GBP
Cleaning in progress stand £10.45 GBP £14.93 GBP
Keep your distance from £4.72 GBP £6.74 GBP
Slippery surface stand £10.45 GBP £14.93 GBP
Caution Ice stand £10.45 GBP £14.93 GBP
900mm x 900mm Stand £31.35 GBP £44.79 GBP
750mm Triangular Stand £21.84 GBP £31.19 GBP
600mm x 600mm Stand £25.14 GBP £35.91 GBP
1050mm x 450mm Stand £24.75 GBP £35.36 GBP
600mm x 450mm Stand £22.55 GBP £32.21 GBP
1200mm x 1200mm Stand £35.20 GBP £50.29 GBP